The Role of Podiatry in Diabetic Foot Care

6 November 2023
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Diabetes can be a challenging condition to manage, especially when it comes to foot care. People with diabetes often experience issues with their feet, including neuropathy, poor circulation, and a higher risk of infection. This is where podiatrists play a crucial role in diabetic foot care. Read on to explore the importance of podiatry in managing and preventing foot problems for individuals living with diabetes. What is Diabetic Foot Care? Read More 

When To See A Podiatrist For Your Ankle Pain & The Treatment You Might Need

21 February 2023
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Foot and ankle injuries are fairly common, especially if you run or play sports. Medical conditions such as arthritis can also cause problems with your ankle. You can often treat ankle pain at home, but sometimes, seeing a podiatrist is best. Here are some things that cause ankle pain, when you should see an ankle doctor, and what kind of treatments you may need. Causes Of Pain In Your Ankle Read More