Caring For Your Body With Proper Precautions: Signs You Should Seek Out A Sports Podiatrist

12 May 2017
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Keeping an active lifestyle is a great way to allow yourself to feel young, fresh, and invigorated on a day-to-day basis. That activity, however, can come with some substantial challenges. As you age, your extremities may be less and less able to keep up with your heart, and if you suffer a foot or ankle injury, it's important that you don't delay in treatment.

Below, you'll find a guide to some warning signs which may signal a need to visit a sports podiatrist. By seeking out a specialist in podiatric sports medicine, you can get the most accurate diagnosis and most thorough treatment possible for an injury that may otherwise keep you off your feet.

Repetitive Swelling

In many sports, minor injuries to your feet and ankles may be impossible to avoid. Some minor swelling is a natural consequence of these injuries, as fluid buildup around a joint as mobile as your ankle is one way the body reacts to damage.

If the swelling is regular, however, it may be a symptom of an underlying problem. Indeed, if taking standard preventative measures like rest and icing don't seem to alleviate the swelling, it's possible you have serious tissue damage that will require specialized treatment. Getting that treatment as soon as possible is important for your future quality of life.

Arch Pain

The high degree of contact that comes from running can cause stress injuries to many parts of your feet. While the arch of your foot should provide you with some cushioning and support, it may also be an important warning sign to problems developing elsewhere.

Since the arch of your foot doesn't make regular contact with the ground during athletic activity, it should be mostly shielded from pain. If you notice increasing discomfort that appears to be manifesting in the arch, it's likely a mere manifestation of damage elsewhere. It might also be a sign that your foot structures are compensating for some injury or deficiency that requires your attention.

Persistent Skin Maladies

While many people think of podiatric sports medicine in terms of structural damage, problems with your skin and nails should be addressed as well. If you have discolored toenails, recurring warts, or even unusually strong foot odor, you could be at risk of having a variety of infections which can cause serious health issues. Be sure to mention these problems to a podiatrist like those represented at so he or she can seek out medicated solutions to return you to full health.