Relieving Sore Feet

5 June 2017
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If you have aching and sore feet for any reason then there are a lot of things that you can do to help them to feel a lot better. The information you can read here will give you plenty of pointers on some of the many different things you can do to relieve foot pain, tenderness and aching.

Switch to thick socks or comfortable slippers when you are in the house

It's very helpful to give your feet a rest and let them get some fresh air when you can. However, you do want to make sure you don't go barefoot any time you go outside because you can easily injure your foot by stepping on something like a sharp pebble, a thorn or even a nail. However, when you are in the house it is the perfect opportunity to let your feet breath and to give them a break from confining shoes.

Soak your feet in hot water and essential oils

You can get yourself a regular basin and fill it half way up with some hot water. Make it as hot as you can comfortably stand it. Once it is filled with water you can mix in a couple of drops of essential oils such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus and rosemary. Use your hand to stir the water a little so the oils spread evenly. If you don't have essential oils laying around then you can also put a strong cup of peppermint tea into the water. Soak your feet in the basin until the water starts to cool. If you want to continue soaking, add more hot water.

Move your feet around a lot

While you don't want to put any added pressure on your feet by standing on them, you do want to move them around. Roll them in small circles and then in large circles, move them up and down and then side to side. This is going to help them relax so they will start to feel better. If they start to feel tired while you are doing this, then you want to stop. The point is to make the feel better, not make them even more tired.

Lay down with your feet elevated above heart level

You want to find the comfortable spot in your house and lay on your back with your legs propped up on some comfortable pillows so your feet are raised above heart level. This will help to decrease foot swelling and help your feet to feel much better.

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