Laser Nail Treatments: What Are They And What Do They Do?

6 December 2017
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Many people have toenails that are infected by fungi. The infected nails usually appear brittle, thick, and discolored. 

The appearance of the nails can make sufferers feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about displaying their toes in public. Thus, airy footwear options, such as sandals and open-toed shoes, may be avoided. Additionally, the thickness of an infected nail may make the fit of some shoes uncomfortable.

The fungal infection that affects the nails is called onychomycosis. One method of treating onychomycosis is a laser nail treatment.

Here is a bit of information about laser nail treatments to help you better understand them and what they do.

What Is a Laser Nail Treatment?

A laser nail treatment is a procedure used to treat fungal nails through the use of lasers. The lasers employ light energy that is strong enough to penetrate the nail tissue.

Additionally, the lasers can be specifically directed at the areas of infected tissue, so that only the targeted tissues are treated by the light energy. The healthy areas of the nail remain intact and unaffected by the treatment.

Some laser nail treatments release heat to help control fungal infections by discouraging their growth. Other laser treatments actually burn through the nail plate to allow the entry of antifungal medications that could not otherwise penetrate the tissue.

Why Is a Laser Nail Treatment Preferred?

Traditional treatments for fungal nails include topical applications and oral medicines. The topical applications are often unable to penetrate the infected tissues sufficiently in order to effectively treat the fungus. Oral medicines are often more effective but may cause uncomfortable side effects. Also, the surgical removal of the nail may not result in the eradication of the fungus. Laser nail treatments are effective and are not associated with unsavory side effects. 

Do Laser Nail Treatments Offer Immediate Results?

Nails that are treated by lasers don't immediately appear normal after the treatment. Instead, the lasers help kill the fungus that has caused the onychomycosis of the nail, but new nail tissue must grow out before the nails appear healthy.

Who Can Benefit from a Laser Nail Treatment?

Anyone with onychomycosis of the nails can benefit from the laser treatment. Nevertheless, many of the people who suffer from fungus-infected nails are older. The immune system of a senior may be less able to combat a fungal infection. 

If you have fungal nails and would like to explore your treatment options, check out sites like and contact the office of a podiatrist in your local area to schedule an appointment.