3 Ways To Make Recovery More Convenient And Comfortable After Bunion Surgery

24 May 2018
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It can take several weeks after bunion surgery to fully recover, in which time you may feel like your life is turned upside down. But the end results should be worth the recovery process when all is said and done. The good news is that there are many things you can do to make the recovery process less stressful and more convenient and comfortable overall. Here are a few ideas that may fit your specific needs.

1. Minimize Your Loss of Income

If you don't have a sedentary job and you're expected to be on your feet a lot while working, you may not be able to go back to work for weeks after having bunion surgery. If you have to stand or walk throughout most of your shift, it could be up to two months before you're able to work again. And even if you do have a sedentary job, it could be up to two weeks before you can return to work. While this might not seem like a lot of time, there's a chance that it could affect your financial situation at least in the short term.

So, talk to your employer well before your bunion surgery is scheduled to take place and see if you can work out an option to work at home while you recover so your income loss isn't as substantial. If you're not able to work from home, you can find other ways to make some money while you recover such as selling things around the house you no longer want online through local classified platforms and popular auction sites.

2. Delegate Your Chores and Errands

You probably won't be able to drive or do a lot of vigorous housework during the few weeks immediately after bunion surgery. So instead of struggling with your chores and errands while you recover, delegate the essential tasks to friends and family who are willing to help you through the recovery process.

Having your kids do the laundry, asking your spouse to take care of meals for the family, and getting friends to take care of errands in town when necessary should help keep your stress levels low and optimize the opportunity to rest until you're completely healed. And the less your stress your body and mind out during recovery, the less time it will likely take for you to fully recover.

3. Stay Socially-Engaged With Friends and Family

The inability to fully engage in your regular lifestyle and the pain you may endure during recovery can make it tough to stay positive throughout the process. And because you'll likely be spending a lot of downtime in your home, it can be hard to stay connected to your friends and family. Keep your relationships healthy and ensure that you don't end up feeling lonely or depressed while you recover by staying socially-engaged with the people who are most important to you in life. Schedule movie nights, backyard barbecues, and wine tasting parties at your home. Or start a book club that meets once a week.

For more information, contact your local foot doctor.