About Cosmetic Toe Surgery

28 January 2019
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Some people love their feet. They are very proud of them, even decorating them by painting their toenails and putting toe rings on their toes. However, then there are other people who will go to great lengths to hide their feet because they do not like the way their feet look. If you are one of those people that go to extreme measures to hide your feet, then you will be glad to know that there may be something that you can do about this.

Long toes can be problematic

Having one toe that is longer than the others can be a real problem. Not only can that extra-long toe make you feel very self-conscious, but the long toe can also cause other problems. It can make it difficult for you to find a comfortable pair of shoes that fit right because that one toe will rub at the end of the shoe while the rest of your toes fit the shoe just right. Having the toe rub on the show constantly can lead to pain and the development of callouses and blisters. Also, an extra-long toe will be at a higher risk to turn into a hammer toe. This is due to the toe needing to be contracted to fit in shoes. 

There is cosmetic toe-shortening available

You may be a good candidate for cosmetic toe shortening. So, if you have a long toe that looks as if it needs its own zip code, you can undergo surgery to bring that toe back to the same zip code as your other toes. Once you have cosmetic toe surgery, you too will be able to show off your great looking feet, and you won't have to wear socks all the time and avoid being seen without them. You can also say goodbye to the pain and irritation that comes with having that extra-long toe.

About the toe-shortening surgery

There are different methods a surgeon can use to shorten your toe, depending on the severity of your long toe. Generally, the surgeon will remove a portion of the toe bone at the joint. The toe will then be realigned. However, the two popular methods used include an arthroplasty method or a fusion method. Arthroplasty is considered a joint resection method, and the fusion method is a bone-mending method. The exact location where the surgery is done will depend on the length of the toe. You want to know the surgery will include work being done on the joints in the actual toe, not the main joint that connects to the ball of your foot.