Attention Diabetics: Tips for Foot Care

24 June 2021
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Diabetes is an extremely challenging disease to deal with for many reasons. One major challenge that many diabetics run into is nerve damage in their feet which decreases their ability to feel their feet. If you are someone who has a loss of sensation in your feet, you may wonder why that is a big deal. This is actually a very dangerous condition that can lead to amputation or major illness. The major issue comes about when something happens to one of your feet (a cut, something poking you with every step, a blister, etc) that would be a small challenge, but since you are unable to feel it, the problem goes untreated and becomes a major problem. Even just a small rock in your shoe could become an infected sore that needs medical attention.

To help you better care for your feet as a diabetic, here are some tips that you should employ daily.

Inspect Your Shoes

Looking and feeling the inside of your shoes each day is a great way to ensure that they are going to protect your feet. You should also shake them out to make sure that no foreign objects are lurking. Check the bottom of your shoes to see if anything has poked through the soul. With a passed inspection, you can move forward with confidence in knowing that having these shoes on will keep your feet safe. 

Wash Your Feet 

Washing your feet daily in lukewarm water is a great time to check them out daily. You should not use water that is too hot, since it can dry out your skin, and you may not be able to feel just how hot the water really is. Thoroughly check your feet for any blisters, red marks, cuts, or hangnails that may cause problems down the road. If you do find anything, schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. 

Don't Walk Barefoot

As previously mentioned, an inspected shoe can be a haven for your feet. You should not walk barefoot, even in your own home, to avoid stepping on something that could become lodged in your foot without your notice. Shoes are safe. 

If you are diabetic, you need to take special care of your feet to avoid any future issues. Neglecting them could mean big, life-changing problems. In addition to caring for your feet daily, make sure to schedule regular appointments with your podiatrist. Contact services like MARLBORO PODIATRY CENTER INC to learn more.